About region

The Sverdlovsk Region is a geographically extensive, economically highly developed constituent region of the Russian Federation. With a very high level of business, cultural and social activity, it is among those Russian regions with the brightest prospects for economic development.

  • Russia’s largest centre of industrial production, accounting for fully 40% of the country’s total industrial output
  • Russia’s third-largest transportation hub (Europe and Asia’s most important transportation arteries traverse the region, which is also home to one of Russia’s busiest air traffic hubs)
  • One of Russia’s largest centres of education and scientific research
  • Leading venue for international conventions, trade fairs and exhibitions, and world-class sporting events

The region’s major competitive advantages

  • Solid economic growth that is above the Russia-wide average
  • Favourable geographical location on the border between Europe and Asia
  • Rich in mineral resources and raw materials
  • Well-established, highly diversified industrial base
  • Proximity to major foreign markets
  • High-volume domestic market
  • Highly developed transport, energy and business infrastructure
  • Advanced forms of industrial manufacturing (major holding structures,
  • industrial clusters)
  • Extensive small business sector
  • Strong scientific research potential and a highly educated population
  • Highly qualified labour resources
  • Well-developed infrastructure for international and foreign economic activity
  • Clearly articulated regional development strategy
  • Strong investment potential and favourable investment climate